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For a different way to tour a Country with navigable rivers this is a great way to travel.  Our tour of the Netherlands was in late April of 2010 aboard Uniworlds, "River Dutchess". It was an  extremely relaxing, and a comfortable way to travel. It is similar to a cruise, but with only about 115 fellow passengers.  Foreign travel is exciting, but a bit more challenging  with the language, and foreign currency.

I think travelers love it because these River Cruises get you to some colorful and historical smaller towns, that are of great interest, as well as large cities. We visited Antwerep, Bruges, Veere, Hoorn, Kinderijk, Enkhuizen, Nijmegen,  Rotterdam, and Amsterdam.  Here are a few highlights from this trip. There is so much history in the old cities. For example the city of Hoorn which was a historic trade center and port , founded in 1311. In the 17th century it sent out many explorers in including William  Schloten who sailed around Cape Horn, and named it for his home city of Hoorn. The city of Nijmegen was occupied by the Germans during WW II, and liberated by the British, and Americans in 1944. The National Liberation Museum there is so well done that it had tremendous emotional impact on me. Kinderdijk is home to many still working Windmills from 1400 & 1500's . They were the precursors to modern pumping to keep the sea out of the low land. Amsterdam is a stately old city with many homes and buildings along it's Canals, built in the 1600's. See my accompanying photos.  We had several emotionally impacting  experiences there including visiting Rembrandts house, The Anne Frank house, and the Old Synagogue, now restored after WWll. 

Travel is always an adventure. As soon as we arrived, for our two and a half day stay in Amsterdam, we learned of the eruption of the Eyjafiallajokull Volcano in Iceland. Word came quickly that Amsterdam and about 19 other European Countries air space was closed do to debris from the volcano eruption. Authorities were unable to tell us how long we were stuck in Amsterdam. Speculation ran from a few days to a month or more. It was a bit unnerving as to how to plan. We made the most of our extra days there, while keeping an ear out for how and when we could fly home to San Diego. We finally got word from Delta Airlines that we could get a priority flight out at 6:00 AM the 5th morning , and we made it home safely.



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Southwestern Colorado http://loveleeimages.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/11/southwestern-colorado  Two years before this trip to Southwest Colorado I heard about the towns of Durango, and Ouray  Colorado, from my brother. I really wanted to do this trip and a photography shoot. This trip finally happened in August of 2012. I had previewed the things to see and do and my anticipation began to build. August 22nd we flew from home in San Diego to Durango, Colorado, and the adventure began. There is much to do in Durango, but our first full day we booked the 8:30 AM train to Silverton--45 miles on the 1881 built  Narrow Gauge Railroad the Durango & Silverton. The railroad was built to serve the gold and silver mining industry. It takes about three hours to get there because the vintage 1925 train can only go about 15 miles per hour. This is good because the mountain scenery is "drop dead gorgeous".  I got a scouting report from my photography friend David, and I purposely reserved seats in the open Gondola car, sixth car back from the old steam engine, number 482. I purposely sat on the right side of the car and it was ideal for photographing the train and the scenery. The ride produced one breathtaking view after another, and I got some excellent shots of the train rounding turns ahead of us. This was such an enjoyable, rich experience, it would have beem enough to justify the trip. We had some great meals in Durango, particularly at Ken And Sue's restaurant on Main Street. (patio dinning)   There was the start of an international bike race and that brought a festive party atmosphere, and a  band playing in the street. Great Country and Western music.  We went to some great art galleries too.  The rest of our trip was about visiting the ancient Indian cliff dwellings at near by Mesa Verde where the Indians built complex dwellings into the mesa cliffs.  They stayed there from 750-1300 AD. In 1276 a 24 year drought occurred, which ended their living there.  We also spent two days in Ouray, Colorado which is a quaint mountain town, elevation 8700 ft. This was billed as gorgeous scenery for photography. I can see that being true, but we were not lucky, and the weather was very dark, cloudy, or raining the time we were there. I shot very few pictures. Oh well,  you can't have it all. This trip was educational with great scenery and great photographing opportunities.  I will post a picture here, but I encourage you to visit my Southwest Colorado website gallery to share my experience.

Colorado-2012-Durango & Silverton Railroad Old Number 482 rounding the cliff

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Alaska trip May 2012-Best of Glacier Bay http://loveleeimages.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/11/best-of-glacier-bay Cruising Glacier Bay by ship has one spectacular, amazing view of snow and ice glaciers after another. All are beautiful, but when I saw this one coming from our stateroom balcony I new it was a must shoot and "get it right" situation.  See what you think. Glacier Bay was by far the highlight of the cruise part of the trip, with whale watching in Juneau a close second. Don't miss that either. Best of Glacier BayBest of Glacier BayGlacier, up close

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Alaska trip-Land & Sea-May 2012 http://loveleeimages.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/11/alaska-trip-land-sea-may-2012 The second time was the "charm".  Sandy and I had been to Southern Alaska, on a cruise a few years ago, and only saw the small port towns like Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau, and Tracy Arm (the inside passage). The Inside passage is beautiful and the Ice Bergs and Glaciers are well worth seeing , but the other ports were mostly for shopping.  This time we signed up for a week of land touring with the cruise included for the same price as a land tour only. We started in Fairbanks, came down to Denali National Park., and from there to Anchorage via rail. We passed through Wasila and waved to Sarah Palin. We transferred over to Whittier and boarded our Princess Cruise Ship for the  the trip south to end up in Vancouver. There were a number of highlights worth honorable mention. Denali National Park has it own wild beauty and wild animals. Great tour for 6 hours by bus. We were extremely fortunate to arrive at our McKinley Princess Lodge to find Mt. McKinley ( Mt. Denali) in full late afternoon sunshine. Only 30% of visitors ever see the 20,000 ft. "Great  One". This image was shot from 25 miles away.  My heart was pounding and my Adrenalin was pumping. I said we photograph first, and register second.  Sometimes a photographer catches a bit of luck. See my photo, and click it to go to my Alaska gallery to see more images from this great travel adventure. We later flew around the top of this "giant" in a small two engine plane. What a thrill!. See photos from the plane in my Alaska website gallery.

Denali--"The tall One"(also called Mt. McKinley)Denali--"The tall One"(also called Mt. McKinley)Mt McKinley-20,000 ft. tall

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Balanced Rock-Arches National Park-Utah http://loveleeimages.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/balanced-rock-arches-national-park-utah Balanced RockBalanced Rock-Arches National Park, Utah The sight of this formation in Arches National Park makes you want to know how this formation is defying the law of gravity. I wondered how much longer this balancing act will really last.  It is called Balanced Rock.

The driving  trip to 5 Utah National and Star Parks provided some great hikes and the scenic views just keep coming. 

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Utah-road trip-May 2009-Zion National Park http://loveleeimages.zenfolio.com/blog/2013/10/utah-road-trip-may-2009 After  three weeks of planning came leaving day and we were so excited that we could not sleep and we decided to leave early at 4:00 AM. We cruised through Las Vegas, and arrived in St. George Utah by early afternoon.  Then we were off on our two week adventure  driving to five National Parks and one State Park.  They are all beautiful but different. We started in Zion National Park , and took the environmentally friendly tram to all the viewing stops. At one we decided to see "Weeping Rock ",  and do a short hike to see the beautiful pools. I accidently picked the wrong fork in the trail and Sandy and I ended up going the long and more difficult way.  We finally got the Pools, and they were dried up and ugly. Going back down proved a bit steep with some difficult footing. My sweet Sandy is some what afraid of heights, so she had to go down  some passages on her butt. Oh well, stuff happens. At least we avoided having  to be evacuated by helicopter.

We really did enjoy the beauty of Zion  National Park . Please cick on this  picture to go to the Utah gallery on this website to see many stunning Utah Parks photos. 

Best of the HoodosThe Three Patriarchs

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