Connie Eastman(non-registered)
Great photograph ! Love your web site . It is really well organized
Bonnie Baron(non-registered)
I didn't realize you had such an extensive website. Your images are accessible to view. I really like the Birds of Paradise and the wooden staircase going down to the beach. It reminds me of one that we walked down at my grandparents' house in Union PIer, Michigan when I was a young child. I can just picture holding my dad's hand as we descended.
Peter Singer(non-registered)
Lee, your work is amazingly beautiful!
Jimmy A(non-registered)
Great stuff here Lee, exciting and inspiring.
(met you at the gym the other day)
Phyllis Fitzsimons(non-registered)
Lee Loventhal Photography
HI Lee - Your pictures are really beautiful!! I am so glad you sent me the link to see them. You are a wonderful photographer. Bless you for bringing such beauty to the world!! Warm regards - Gail
wally ray(non-registered)
You have a lot of passion in your desire to bring the most delicate things to life. Nature is something to be cherish and you have demostrated that with your photos. Hopefully everyone can appreciate what GOD has given us to enjoy through your lenses and work.
Sally and Jose(non-registered)
Lee thank you sooo very much for sharing these breathtaking shots. So very detailed and the shots u captured are some of the most difficult and they look magnificant! Just loved them!!! excitedly awaiting the next photo shots. Best wishes with the next imaging session Jose and Sally :)
Mo Urdas(non-registered)
looking forward to see more new photos Ü
David Scarbrough(non-registered)
Great photographs. I could see of these in any travel magazine.
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