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Botswana April-2014

These stunning animal, bird, and landscape photos will look great when displayed in your homes bedroom, family room, and larger pictures in a living room. I hope they will inspire your own future safari adventure.

My book detailing my experience and photographic images is now available to preview and purchase. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it.
Here is the link to view it.

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Chatabe Camp-our viewWoodland King FisherElephants on the moveAdolescent male  Elephant-up close"Jimmy the Kid"Southern Carmine Bee-EaterLilac  Breasted RollerFemale KUDUMale  KUDULeopard looking us overLeopard, coming downsunset on way back to campFemale ImpalaMale ImpalaJackalThe KingHis Queen