Peacock with attitudePeacock with attitude BACKGROUND   When you are going to take a picture of your family, a landscape, or a travel photo, look carefully to see what is in the background. You want to avoid a lot of clutter. Try to only include what you want in the photo. Make it clear what your subject is. For people pictures, focus the camera on your main subject to get a proper light reading. Point it at the people or persons and hold the shutter half way down, and the camera will focus and read the light---then push the shutter button smoothly. Be sue to hold the camera straight, and still.  If you do not want an unattractive background, zoom in more, and set your camera to an aperture of i.e. 5.0 or 5.6. Maybe 6.3 if you want a bit more background in focus. You can also shoot in A (aperture priority) and control how much of your photo image will be in focus. If you can only shoot in Auto mode, then just zoom more. It will help to blur the background.

I will have another tip soon, so come back often to find out how YOU can take better pictures.